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What to Expect

As you enter our bright office, one of our friendly office staff will greet you. There will be some paperwork to fill out, including past medical history and symptoms leading to your current presentation at our office.

Welcome to ProActive Health

If you are seeking wellness care, Congratulations! You have just taken the first step in being ProActive about your health.

Following a review of systems, you will have a chiropractic consultation. If necessary, you may be referred out for radiographs (x-rays); however, they are not routinely required.

If possible, we would kindly ask that patients remove their footwear and any heavy sweaters or coats, prior to their Chiropractic appointment. Chiropractic treatments are performed fully clothed. If you require advance testing, including a thermal scan, or if certain modalities, such as Ultrasound or Laser are utilized, skin on skin contact may necessitate the use of patient gowns. We assure the utmost professionalism to preserve the dignity of our patients.

WE KINDLY ASK PATIENTS: Please do not wear any heavy perfumes/colognes to our office (essential oils ok). We treat many patients with headaches and sensitivities to chemicals. Thank you in advance.