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ProActive Health Building

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9 Elgin Street, East, Unit #1
Cobourg, ON K9A 0A1

Dr. Ian Paddock, D.C.
Dr. Dana Ito, D.C.
Alison Burnham, R.M.T.
Ceilidh Hand, R.M.T.
Veronica Marriott, R.D.H.
Telephone: 905-377-1754

Dr. Morgan Hubbel, D.C.
Telephone : 905-372-1885

About ProActive Health

Enhancing your ability to live well: the team at ProActive Heath is focused on working with you to achieve your optimal level of health. ProActive Health offers Chiropractic Health Care for all ages, Registered Massage Therapy and Independent Dental Hygiene.

ProActive Health Team

Real Commitment

At ProActive Health our mission is to promote the overall health and well-being of our patients by providing timely, non-invasive, and multidisciplinary care. While fostering an environment that encourages the patient to be proactive in his or her own wellness, our team will help individuals to achieve their health goals.